Z Zurich Foundation gives $1 million to RESOLVE to pay down The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre mortgage

From our 2016-2017 Report to Community.

Last year’s Fort McMurray fires were devastating. Zurich Canada’s employees were greatly moved by the disaster and the homelessness it caused and were inspired to make large donations in support.

Spurred by the generosity of its employees, Zurich announced a three-year commitment of $1 million from the Z Zurich Foundation to support RESOLVE. The gift was designated to The Mustard Seed’s 1010 Centre mortgage.

Retiring mortgages is an important aspect of affordable and supported housing. In the case of the 1010 Centre, one of The Mustard Seed’s RESOLVE projects, the agency can now reallocate funds to programming for tenants which helps to improve their quality of life.

“As an insurance company, we strive to help build resilience in our communities and abroad,” says Lori Cassidy, Director of Finance at Zurich Canada and Chair of Zurich Canada’s Charitable Giving Committee. “Calgary is an important market and community for us and, given that the issue of homelessness is at the forefront, we thought it was important to help address.”

Zurich’s gift has extended beyond a much-needed capital gift. Employees from Zurich are working with The Mustard Seed to implement a new donor and volunteer management IT system, streamlining both processes and operating costs. The insurance company is also helping to develop an employment workshop curriculum, with plans to assist clients with resume writing skills, interview preparation and computer skills.

“Zurich employees have been really excited to be part of something larger and part of a team delivering more value than a monetary donation,” says Lori. “We want that engagement — for our employees and for the communities we live and work in. It’s a win-win situation.”