Vulnerable women now have a safe place to call home in new 24-unit building

“Having a home is especially important for women, and to be with each other to heal together in a safe place.”

Suzy, who experienced homelessness before finding a home through Calgary Alpha House Society, knows this firsthand. And now 24 women, like Suzy, will have an affordable home with wrap-around support services that will give them the stability they need to rebuild their lives.

Thanks to generous donors, Alpha House was able to purchase a building for their RESOLVE project. For the remainder of the Campaign, RESOLVE will be fundraising to pay down the mortgage on this building in order to ensure that Alpha House can continue to offer sustainable rents for some of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens.

Women began moving into the building in October and are excited as they begin to adjust to their new lives. Staff are helping with the adjustment and to build a strong, supportive community.

“For a woman who is dealing with homelessness and addiction, your choices are extremely limited,” Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director of Alpha House, says. “This project we are building through RESOLVE will not only give women opportunities to make safer choices — it will give them hope for a better future.”