Turning visions into visuals: Stantec steps up

  • Russ Mackenzie, Vice President of Stantec Inc.

Long before a hammer ever hits a single nail, months of planning and paperwork go into building any type of housing. Stantec Inc. is stepping up to help two RESOLVE Partners turn their visions into visuals, and get their housing projects off the ground.

The engineering and architectural firm is guiding Accessible Housing and Calgary Alpha House Society (Alpha House) through the permitting process and providing schematic drawings of floor plans and renderings of each group’s project.

“They’re helping us make tangible what is often intangible in our world,” says Jeff Dyer, executive director at Accessible Housing, which is building 45 new units of affordable, accessible housing for homeless and vulnerable Calgarians. The organization serves people who face dual barriers—the challenge of finding affordable housing and finding housing that accommodates their wheelchairs or walkers. “We’ve been sharing this story but often people need to see a drawing to better conceptualize. They want to understand what it looks like and for Stantec to provide that for us is huge,” says Dyer. “We couldn’t do it otherwise.”

Over at Alpha House, they’re thrilled to be able to show potential donors what their new 30-unit Women’s Facility could look like. “It’s going to really help bring in support for the project,” says Executive Director Kathy Christiansen. “And I think just the process of working with Stantec will really formulate for us what the program should look like, so it’s bringing some excitement to the agency as well.” Alpha House’s RESOLVE project will create safe and stable housing for women who have experienced long-term or frequent homelessness and who are affected by addiction, mental health issues and poverty.

As for Stantec, they’re just happy to help. “RESOLVE is close to our hearts,” says Vice President Russ Mackenzie. “It’s a really good way for us to get our people engaged in the community, offer our professional services to groups that need it and help guide them through the process of getting something permitted, designed and built.”

Stantec allocates a percentage of its revenue to a number of organizations in Calgary and the firm was pleased to partner up with RESOLVE to provide gifts-in-kind of their professional services.

“It’s just good news for the company, the projects and the different facilities we’re helping,” says Mackenzie.