The SoulMen60 birthday bash raises $2.25 million in support of RESOLVE

From our 2016-2017 Report to Community.

A 60th birthday celebration raised a total of $2.25 million with the proceeds directed to RESOLVE, thanks to the SoulMen60: Matthew Brister, Paul Charron, Michael Culbert, Glenn Hamilton, Donald Hansen, Bret Hart, Jeffrey Kohn, Keith MacPhail, Kelly Ogle, Gregg Scott, RESOLVE Cabinet member Jay Westman, Peter Williams and Brett Wilson.

The 13 friends collectively celebrated their milestone birthday with a couple thousand friends and performances by Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi. It was a party with a purpose that the attendees won’t soon forget.

“RESOLVE is providing keys to doors, roofs over heads and incredible support systems to help our less fortunate,” Jay Westman, a RESOLVE Cabinet member and one of the SoulMen, says. “Homelessness taxes our healthcare, emergency services and justice systems to capacity. The solution is to ensure Calgary’s homeless, our most vulnerable citizens, receive permanent housing and reintegrate into community. Why did the SoulMen choose to support RESOLVE? Because this is the city that has given us so much and it’s our way of giving back.”

The single largest gift announced at the event was from Anthem Properties Group Ltd. “Anthem’s Giving Strategy is based on the belief that community issues, big and small, cannot be solved by budget constrained governments alone,” Eric Carlson, CEO of Anthem Properties, says of the $500,000 gift. “If private enterprise contributes with creativity and capital as well, the world will become a better place, faster.”

Brett Wilson, key organizer and one of the SoulMen, also feels that it’s important to support RESOLVE’s mission. “My mother was a social worker so, growing up, I was aware of the challenges faced by the less-fortunate in our world,” he says. “Homelessness is a core concern as, without shelter, there is little hope — and we all need hope to look forward to a brighter day.”