The holidays at RESOLVE – an update

With nine Partners, over 40 volunteers and many more stakeholders in the community who are committed to our cause, we have a lot going on! We want to extend a special thank you to our volunteers and supporters for making these highlights from the last few months possible.

Our Partners

Our donors

  • Our four amigos – Bob Harris of Centron Group of Companies, Bill Kujat of Safeway Holdings, R. Charlie Guille of Cougar Construction and Ross Glen of RGO Office Products – along with their families, hosted a barbeque for tenants at Accessible Housing’s Fourth Dimension building. The group’s Legacy gift to RESOLVE is designated to Accessible Housing’s future project for people with limited mobility.
  • Calgary Foundation’s (CF) 2015 Vital Signs report found that “48% of Albertans would struggle with meeting financial obligations if their paycheque was delayed for just one week.” CF released the report in conjunction with a Visionary gift announcement to RESOLVE.
  • This year’s Generosity of Spirit Awards honoured our 11 Visionary homebuilders with the Philanthropic Group award. “There was never any question from my fellow nominees that supporting the community is the right thing to do,” said Alan Norris, President and CEO of Brookfield Residential Properties and Chair of the RESOLVE Campaign.

Our Community


Happy holidays from our Calgarians Committed to Change!
“During this time of year, we hope you’ll remember those who are still in need of a place to call home. Wishing you and all those who’ve supported us thus far a wonderful holiday season.”– Alan Norris, Chair, RESOLVE Cabinet
“I’m thankful and proud to be part of a community that values the safety and wellbeing of those least fortunate amongst them, especially at this time of year.” – Gary McNamara, Co-Chair, RESOLVE Major Gifts Council
“The holiday season reminds us of the many blessings we have in our lives. The RESOLVE Campaign is an initiative that will remove barriers to housing for 3,000 people and bring the feelings of the holiday home year-round.  I am honoured to be a member of the Calgary community where we pull together to support each other during challenging times.” – Cindy Rutherford, Co-Chair, RESOLVE Major Gifts Council