Tenants, staff and more gather to celebrate inclusive community

First family moved into building on Nov. 1

Having a safe and affordable home is, for many, a cause for celebration on its own – but having a whole community to share it with can make it eminently more special.

The celebration of Columbus Place, a 77-unit affordable housing property owned and operated by Bishop O’Byrne Housing, presented such an occasion for many members of the community – tenants, including those from other Bishop O’Byrne buildings, board members, staff, the RESOLVE team and more.

“Columbus Place has given 87 people a chance to have their own affordable home in a time when Calgary is experiencing an extreme housing crisis,” Myrt Butler, Chief Executive Officer of Bishop O’Byrne, says. “It means that all of our tenants, of all ages and from all walks of life, can finally have stability, allowing them to create a home and to be part of a healthy and diverse community.”

Until recently, Bishop O’Byrne provided housing primarily to older adults and seniors. But it recognized the deep need for affordable housing for families – finding a home that is both affordable and has the space needed for a family is next to impossible with the already-low vacancy rate.

This is why Bishop O’Byrne has partnered with Inn from the Cold to refer and support families in both of its RESOLVE projects – Columbus Place and the new building it will be starting construction on in 2015.

Its first family moved into Columbus Place on Nov. 1. Bishop O’Byrne is excited to develop this new model, creating a more diverse and vibrant community that will benefit families and seniors alike.