Jasmine’s home opened doors to her future

Moving to Canada from Egypt should have been an exciting experience for Jasmine. But the 13-year-old quickly learned that her responsibilities at home were vastly different from other Canadian children.

“I wasn’t expected to focus on school, learning a new language or making friends,” she recalls. “All my time and energy was spent on raising my siblings, cleaning, cooking and being my own mother.”

Jasmine was often neglected, called names and physically abused.

“To this day, I remember my uncle wrapping my head with a black garbage bag, trying to suffocate me, saying ‘I don’t care if I kill you.’”

Jasmine felt alone and helpless. She eventually opened up to a school counsellor who helped her get into foster care.

After Jasmine graduated high school, it was time for her to move out on her own. Her support worker told her about a housing program at a Horizon Housing building where she could live independently with support from Wood’s Homes staff.

“Horizon Housing offers more than just a place to live,” Jasmine says. “They offer a true home where I’ve found peace, safety and privacy.”

She adds that the building managers make sure the building is safe and clean. “They genuinely care for the people that live here,” she says.

While living with Horizon Housing, Jasmine was able to work and complete a diploma in Human Services. She has now moved on to a brighter future, looking forward to starting a career working with people with disabilities.

“Hope is something money can’t buy,” Jasmine says. “Hope has opened doors to my future. It’s allowed me to dream of things to come.”

Hope has opened doors to my future. It’s allowed me to dream of things to come.