Impact Stories

Single father Dustin finds the foundation for his family

“Every day is a better and better experience with them. They give me that emotional security,” he says. “That love that I thought I lost.” more

Shannon's home is her anchor

When Shannon reflects on her life, she says it’s “like looking back into a big, dark tunnel after coming into the light.” Shannon, now 43, has been battling with... more

Jasmine's home opened doors to her future

Moving to Canada from Egypt should have been an exciting experience for Jasmine. But the 13-year-old quickly learned that her responsibilities at home were... more

John's Story - In His Own Words

My name is John F. Kirk. I’m 66-years-old and grew up in Barrie, Ontario. When I was 17, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, Army Reserve... more

Armando, Nelly and Guillermo are home for Christmas

Guillermo is getting pretty excited for Christmas. But the 9-year-old boy who loves Lego and Star Wars has already received the best present he could ask for — a home.. more

Keely’s resilience and new home finally gave her a normal life

This is the first time in her 26 years that Keely has what she calls a normal life. “As normal as it can get,” she adds. Keely was born with several physical health problems that have... more

John, tenant, makes a gift to RESOLVE

John had a number of setbacks – including polio at age 14 and a plane crash at 28 that severely damaged his spine and legs – that left him penniless and in a wheelchair... more

Veteran Marguerite remembers the Second World War

Marguerite, a Silvera for Seniors tenant, looks back on her time in the British Army with fondness and pride. “I was a nanny,” London-born Marguerite ... more

30 years of homelessness chronicled by senior John

John’s descent into homelessness was a process, the result of many grave injustices. Violent and unstable alcoholic parents and endless childhood memories of physical and... more

Linda overcame a disabling stroke to find hope in a home

And then, one day, in her mid-50s, she woke up in a hospital bed. She had had a brain aneurysm. Then, on the operating table, she had a stroke. Her fingers ... more

Carpenter/hairstylist Albert finds home with the help of two RESOLVE Partners

You won’t meet many people who can give you a salon-grade haircut and then build you a house. Albert, both a carpenter and a hairstylist, is one of those rare breeds. more

1010 Centre is “launch pad to a brighter future” for Kenny

Kenny has been sober for two years. Addiction and prison had been a big part of his life for decades but he was ready for a fresh start. “I was sick and tired of being... more

Virginia finally unpacks her suitcase after living out of one for 20 years

Virginia had been living out of suitcase for two decades – bouncing from friend’s house to friend’s house – always confined to just a bedroom, never with a space to call her own... more

Tom turns his life around with affordable supportive housing

Working, grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, paying rent and taxes – these are things that are part of everyday life for most adults. Tom (name changed for confidentiality... more

Building Managers at Horizon Housing help tenants feel at home

On paper, Jess Kennedy may seem like a typical building manager for an apartment complex – keeping the hallways clean, conducting regular building maintenance, handling... more

Home and sweat ceremonies help Suzanne recover from addiction

Suzanne, a tenant with Calgary Alpha House Society, has been attending sweat ceremonies on the Tsuu T’ina reserve at least once a week for four years... more

Veteran James finds peace in housing

After years on the streets and in shelters, military veteran James found a stable home that is helping him to lead a healthier life. As a proud cadet many decades ago, James was... more

Wheelchair-friendly home gives Jason freedom

Jason’s second-floor condominium had become more of an obstacle course than a home. With restricted mobility caused by his multiple sclerosis (MS), it was... more

Stability of home helps David manage multiple sclerosis

Having supported, long-term housing is reducing David’s stress and, as a result, is helping him manage a chronic illness and addiction. David was a quality assurance and control... more
Janet, Calgary Alpha House Society

Janet and husband get a door instead of a zipper

Janet wasn’t sure how much longer she and her sick husband would survive living in a tent. A basement suite returned their dignity — and their lives. A nylon flap and a zipper... more

Home gives Crystal and her family new hope

Leaving an abusive life left Crystal and her four kids homeless and vulnerable. Now in a new home, they are back at school and building a bright future. Violence had become a... more
Leon, Calgary John Howard Society

Leon's home teaches him to hold himself accountable

Sidelined by addiction and crime, Leon is gaining the tools he needs to contribute to society and find peace with himself. Alcohol has had a grip on Leon all his life. Despite... more

Bob lost everything but a home helped him back on his feet

After losing a successful job, his home and family to mental illness, Bob lived under a cloud. The right home, with the right support, has given him a second chance. A severe... more

Frank, a senior, no longer fears for his safety

Frank confesses that depression began to creep up on him as a result of his very strict religious upbringing. He was constantly battling the sense of guilt instilled within him... more

Bob beat addiction and homelessness and is now studying to help others like him

Bob spent 21 years on Main and Hastings in Vancouver, wading through the sludge of drugs, prostitution and poverty that envelops that notorious street corner. Wrestling with... more