Shining in her silver era – Ruby’s story

Ruby spent a lot of her life caring for seniors. Now that she is one herself, she’s grateful to have a home with Silvera for Seniors.

“Because of my health, affordable housing is definitely important,” Ruby says.

Ruby grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan with her aunt and uncle. At 16, she started working in the general store in a nearby town where she met her future husband, Abe. They married two years later.

Their lives centred largely around serving seniors. They played in a band for 19 years and put on free shows at seniors’ residences. They also owned a travelling shoe business that offered comfortable shoes for seniors.

“Helping seniors was the most important thing in our life,” Ruby says.

After 20 years of business, their suppliers closed shop and Ruby and Abe soon had to follow suit.

“We faced it with great difficulty at times,” Ruby remembers. “But I’m a person who takes things day by day. We had to face reality and get things in order.”

Ruby and Abe had to sell their home and move in with their family. Ruby actually started working at Silvera – not knowing that she would, one day, end up calling it home.

“It was one of the better jobs that anyone could have,” she remembers.

Then Ruby and her husband got sick at the same time. He had a severe stroke and needed 24-hour care. Ruby’s hip problems finally caught up with her and she had to have surgery.

“I was informed that I wouldn’t be able to work or live on my own because it was unsafe,” Ruby says.

While her husband was in a costly nursing home, Ruby needed a home that would accommodate her mobility issues – one that was affordable.

Ruby found that place to call home with Silvera. “The care here is superior,” she says. “They have a strengthening program here and, with all the help, I have become quite independent.”

Ruby enjoys each day with her new friends and neighbours. “There are a lot of people out there who need help,” she says. “At Silvera you are benefitted by nurturing your mind, body and soul.”

At Silvera you are benefitted by nurturing your mind, body and soul.