Red roofs appearing around Calgary

  • RESOLVE's new billboard for the public awareness campaign
Public awareness campaign possible through generous support of Jim Pattison

The red roofs of RESOLVE’s new public awareness campaign have begun to pop up around Calgary.

The first set of billboards, with the slogan “Building homes for 3,000 homeless Calgarians,” was posted on Sept. 19, 2014.

The billboards are in-kind gifts from Jim Pattison of Pattison Outdoor Advertising, who is also providing radio spots on The Peak 95.3 and Kool 101.5, as well as a financial contribution that will support all nine Partners. Over the next few months, the remaining billboards will go up at the following locations:

  • North side of 10 Ave., west of 5 St. SW
  • North side of 10 Ave., east of 14 St. SW
  • South side of 12 Ave., west of Centre St. SW
  • West side of Macleod Tr., south of Heritage Dr. S
  • West side of Heritage Dr., south of 77 Ave. SE
  • West side of Blackfoot Tr., north of 34 Ave. SE
  • West side of Fairmount Dr., south of 67 Ave. SE (both sides)
  • East side of Centre St., south of 58 Ave. (both sides)
  • West side of 12 St., north of 46 Ave. SE (both sides)
  • West side of Bonaventure Dr., north of 90 Ave. SW
  • Rotation on over 15 digital billboards throughout Calgary

This arm of the campaign aims to raise awareness of RESOLVE’s mission to provide affordable and supported housing for 3,000 homeless and vulnerable people in our city.

In addition to donated advertising space, RESOLVE will be featured in the next several issues of Business in Calgary. Online ads are also appearing on the Calgary Herald and Globe and Mail websites.

A big thank you for the creative efforts of RESOLVE’s agency-of-record ZGM Collaborative Marketing for their impactful work. The ads will run until early December and then resume in late January 2015, running until March.