Al Duerr is currently Founder and CEO of General Magnetic International Inc. with international operations offering energy efficient products for the petroleum industry. From 1989 to 2001 he was Mayor of Calgary where he championed fiscal prudence, secured long-term revenue sharing with senior governments, and supported marginalized communities. He initiated and championed the Mayor’s Task Force on Community and Family Violence which began a process of innovative community engagement and building that continues to this day. He has received numerous recognitions including Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellowship and the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award for building bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures.

“I have always believed that cities are defined not by their wealth, size, or how fast they grow, but by how they treat their most vulnerable and least advantaged citizens. The RESOLVE Campaign speaks to core values that transcend traditional measures, to a commitment and a determination by Calgarians to make a profound and fundamental difference in the lives of so many, which will positively impact the entire city.”Al Duerr