RESOLVE is a collaboration of nine established and respected homeless-serving agencies that provide safe, affordable housing, with supports, to Calgary’s most vulnerable populations. They are participating in the RESOLVE Campaign to minimize capital fundraising costs and maximize their focus on service to their residents.

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  • Accessible Housing

    Accessible Housing has been opening doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility since 1974. By providing a continuum of housing and supports, it works to ensure that everyone has a home and belongs in our community.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • A new, 45-unit apartment building with bachelor and one-bedroom units designed to provide affordable, safe, permanent and barrier-free housing with supports. The building will incorporate a universal design for accessibility. Monthly rental rates will be geared to income (30 per cent of gross income). Office space will be incorporated into the building for in-house case management support. There will be a multi-purpose and programming room, as well as rehabilitation space with equipment. Main floor commercial space will help ensure project viability.

    Jeff Dyer, Executive Director

    “This won’t just be a building with 45 units — this will be a community for 45 individuals who are living with limited mobility. This will be a place for 45 people to reclaim their lives. Everyone should have a home and, as a Partner in RESOLVE, we will be able to provide 45 more.” — Jeff Dyer, Executive Director

    Accessible Housing’s YouTube Channel

  • Bishop O’Byrne Housing

    Bishop O’Byrne Housing is a non-denominational organization in operation since 1975. Bishop O’Byrne Housing manages eight apartment buildings across Calgary and offers safe and affordable homes for small families and older adults who are leaving homelessness, work in low-paying jobs, live with physical disabilities, or retired and living on low fixed incomes. Each building provides a wide range of activities and services that encourage social inclusion and community involvement, thus creating a vibrant environment for all.

    RESOLVE Projects:

    • Mortgage retirement on the recently opened Columbus Place in Bridgeland, a 77-unit building for low-income adults and small families.
    • A new, 100-unit apartment building for low-income seniors and small families with support programs, socializing areas, as well as space for classes, computers and exercise.

    Myrt Butler, Chief Executive Officer

    “Not everyone is treated equally by life and we need to be able to rent to the people who need it the most. RESOLVE gives us the opportunity to do fundraising that we don’t have the capacity to do by ourselves. This allows us to provide affordable homes for the people who truly need it.” — Myrt Butler, Chief Executive Officer

    Bishop O’Byrne Housing’s YouTube Channel

  • Calgary Alpha House Society

    Calgary Alpha House Society provides safe and caring environments for individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies. Established in 1981, it runs outreach programs, a shelter/detox and a housing program with case management support at three apartment buildings  all with a trauma-sensitive and culturally conscious approach. A volunteer program for corporate and individual support is also available.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • A new apartment building with up to 30 units for women who have experienced long-term or frequent homelessness. The facility will provide safe and stable housing for women affected by addiction, mental health issues and poverty, with the programs and supports to help them be successful in their housing.

    Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director

    “The women we want to support through this project are mothers, daughters, sisters — they are more vulnerable, yet their needs are often overlooked. Their mortality rate is 10 times higher than the general population. Through RESOLVE, we’re hoping to reduce the rate of mortality for the women we serve.” — Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director

    Alpha House’s Video Gallery

  • Calgary Homeless Foundation

    Since 1998, the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) has worked to reduce homelessness in our city. In 2008, the CHF was given the mandate to oversee implementation of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness in partnership with agencies, all levels of government, the private sector, the faith community, donors and all Calgarians. CHF owns various buildings throughout the city while its partners provide support to tenants, including case management, facilitating access to medical and social services, addiction and recovery benefits, advocacy, employment services and other assistance in enhancing their independent living skills.

    RESOLVE Projects:

    • Mortgage retirement on nine existing buildings
    • New buildings for chronically homeless single men and women suffering from mental and physical health issues and/or addictions who have complex housing and support needs. Each building will have around 30 bachelor units, with shared living spaces and intensive supports.
    • New buildings for low-income families who have complex needs requiring a high level of support. Each building will have about 20 units each (two-, three-, and four-bedroom units).
    Diana Krecsy, President and CEO

    Diana Krecsy, President and CEO

    “We oversee the implementation of Calgary’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and provide housing with support to those who have been stuck in homelessness for a long time. Through RESOLVE, we can reduce inappropriate use of public systems and, most important, help an extremely vulnerable population begin to rebuild their lives.” – Diana Krecsy, President and CEO

    CHF’s YouTube Channel

  • Calgary John Howard Society

    The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) has been working since 1949 to reduce the incidence of crime and increase community safety through preventive and restorative justice practices. CJHS provides accommodation and support to men, women and youth who are in conflict with the law, or who are transitioning from the justice system to the general community, as well as to youth who do not have status in the child welfare system.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • The current Bedford House is being relocated to a new, 32-unit (one- and two-bedroom) apartment building for individuals returning to the community from prison on a conditional release. Supports include counselling, coaching, referrals, tutoring, employment preparations and certifications, as well as support for residents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

    Gord Sand, Executive Director

    “This kind of housing gives people who are exiting the justice system the supports they need to become responsible members of the community. The new Bedford House will help approximately 100 people per year make a successful transition. We can achieve this more effectively as a collaborating Partner in RESOLVE.” — Gord Sand, Executive Director

    CJHS’s YouTube Channel

  • Horizon Housing Society

    Horizon Housing Society provides affordable, integrated and supported homes to nearly 700 individuals in Calgary since 1976. The Society serves tenants with a variety of special needs including individuals living with mental health challenges, physical disabilities, families and seniors living below the poverty line and the working poor.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • A new, 160-unit housing development with bachelor, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and townhouses for individuals and families with a variety of needs. There will be shared community space to give tenants the opportunity to build friendships and form internal support networks.

    Kim O’Brien, Executive Director

    “The simple task of getting your children up and ready for school is often taken for granted. Many families are homeless or at risk of homelessness and there’s not enough suitable housing to meet that demand. Through RESOLVE, we can address this need and the need for other vulnerable people as well.”— Kim O’Brien, Executive Director

  • Silvera for Seniors

    Silvera for Seniors provides independent and supportive living options for more than 1,500 seniors with low to moderate incomes in 26 communities in Calgary. Founded in 1962, it is an advocate for those in the “silver era” of their lives wishing to age in place, in a facility with graduated care and support.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • A new, 125-unit (bachelor and one-bedroom) apartment building in Calgary’s Glamorgan neighbourhood offering a mix of independent and supportive living, including meals, housekeeping, and support services such as home care. A mix of 75% low-income rent units with 25% market rent units will help ensure project viability.

    Arlene Adamson, Chief Executive Officer

    “There are seniors who can’t afford personal hygiene products or batteries for their hearing aids. We’re facing an explosion of the population who don’t have pensions and never made enough income to put some away. We’re honoured to be part of RESOLVE so we can ensure their needs are met.” — Arlene Adamson, Chief Executive Officer

    Silvera for Seniors’ YouTube Channel

  • The Mustard Seed

    The Mustard Seed has been combating the root causes of poverty in Alberta since 1984 and supports adults who are experiencing physical and mental health issues, disabilities, addiction or abuse to make sustainable life changes and integrate into the broader community. It provides basic services  such as food and clothing, emergency shelter, support services (including employment, health and wellness, and corrections chaplaincy), and housing services, including tenant support and low-income housing, to those in need.

    RESOLVE Projects:

    • Mortgage retirement on three existing apartment buildings, including the recently opened 1010 Centre.
    Stephen Wile

    Stephen Wile, Chief Executive Officer

    “Everyone at The Mustard Seed understands that ending homelessness is more than just providing a roof over someone’s head. It is also about bringing people to a place of strength and independence. Our permanent supportive housing accomplishes that. Through RESOLVE we can provide a safe haven for men and women where they can receive support and assistance to achieve their individual goals.”— Stephen Wile, Chief Executive Officer

    The Mustard Seed’s YouTube Channel

  • Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta

    Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta (TPFA) is Calgary’s largest provider of self-contained seniors’ housing, managing 10 properties and 1,172 suites with innovative programs and services to improve the quality of life for low-income seniors. Founded in 1974, TPFA operates with a “more than housing” philosophy that supports an individual’s health and well-being while reducing isolation and vulnerability.

    RESOLVE Project:

    • A new 120-unit development (one- and two-bedroom, including 15% barrier-free apartments) in the city’s northeast for low-income and episodically homeless seniors. It will feature cafeteria services, community space, office space, storage and a 150-person multi-purpose room. There will be access to social workers, medical care and financial aid.

    Lawrence Braul, Chief Executive Officer

    “People develop vulnerabilities as they age. Stable housing is a critical element in everyone’s lives, yet there isn’t a lot of affordable housing in Calgary for low-income seniors. RESOLVE puts our city’s most marginalized at the forefront — and now corporate and private Calgary can be part of the mission.” — Lawrence Braul, Chief Executive Officer


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