Osler and RESOLVE working together for a brighter future

Recent and dramatic market changes have significantly impacted everyone who makes a living in the energy sector. And while it has been tough on business and community, it is not unprecedented and as Calgarians we know to look to the future with confidence.

As Calgarians, Osler embraces the need to be resilient, to adapt and to meet the needs of the community head on. They understand the need to focus on providing added value to clients – and the community – when and where it is needed most. As part of that commitment, rather than host their customary Calgary Stampede Eve event, Osler will contribute a “Champion” level gift to Horizon Housing Society via the RESOLVE Campaign as part of a long-term commitment to their clients and the community. RESOLVE is an innovative collaboration of nine social service agencies working with government, business and the community to help end the affordable housing crisis in the city.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of Osler’s Calgary office. They are proud to make this four-year commitment to RESOLVE and pledge to join the partnership to end homelessness in Calgary.

Osler loves being part of the Calgary community and they enthusiastically look forward to the next 20 years.

“Osler’s gift to Horizon Housing Society through RESOLVE builds on a foundation of community support they’ve established in their 20 years of doing business in Calgary,” says Kim O’Brien, Executive Director of Horizon Housing. “Not only is Osler renewing its commitment to the community, it’s also bringing the dream of home to hundreds of individuals and families in need.”