Knitting club allows low-income seniors to give back

Behind the brown bricks of Carroll Place’s community room, the sun shines through the windows and lights up a group of six ladies with bright smiles. Their knitting needles twirl as they talk about their grandchildren, current affairs and – of course – knitting.

Every Saturday, the women – sometimes as many as 12 – meet to knit clothing for people in need. For those who live at Carroll Place, a building for seniors with low income operated by RESOLVE Partner Bishop O’Byrne Housing, it’s a way to give back to the community.

Knitting for those in need

Noreen, who has lived at the building for 12 years, was one of the original knitters when the club was created by a volunteer, Clara, two years ago. “We started out making mittens, scarves and hats for schools where there were more low-income families,” Noreen says. “If you didn’t know how, Clara would teach you. Knitting and crocheting is her forte.”

The group has donated about 400 knit sets and has expanded to include families at Ronald McDonald House, children with autism, other seniors, people in Haiti and more.

“We love doing it and we so appreciate the people from outside our building who’ve joined us,” Noreen says, adding that they welcome anyone. “It’s a way to socialize.”

Homes for seniors

Bishop O’Byrne will provide affordable and supported homes for more people like Noreen through its RESOLVE projects – paying down the mortgage on Columbus Place and constructing a new building for over 100 seniors, older adults and small families.

“I love my apartment,” Noreen says. “It’s the perfect place for a senior to grow old in.”

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