Influential leaders join the RESOLVE Cabinet

From our 2015-2016 Report to Community.

Years ago Cindy Rutherford, past Vice-President of Aboriginal Relations and Land at Progress Energy, was fascinated by a story she read. More and more women in their late 50s, many of whom had never worked outside the home, were experiencing an increasing divorce rate – meaning they had little to no income to fall back on and could eventually face homelessness.

The story went on to describe a housing model where women came together to live in an affordable way while supporting each other. The idea stuck with Cindy, and, when she was approached by the RESOLVE Campaign, she jumped at the chance to join its Cabinet and eventually become one of its Vice-Chairs.

RESOLVE’s Calgarians Committed to Change Cabinet added several more members in spring 2015. It is made up of another 32 volunteers who are passionate about ending homelessness for 3,000 people through the Campaign.

Gary McNamara, another new member, says the Cabinet is a unique group with a challenging and rewarding task. “We are all here for the same reason – RESOLVE is a noble cause,” he says. “Everyone is very accomplished and has different strengths to bring to the table. And they’re willing to take the time to do it.”

Cindy and Gary agree that one of the most exciting moments of the Campaign so far was Calgary Foundation’s gift to RESOLVE.

“When a group like Calgary Foundation believes in your cause, you know you’re doing the right thing,” Gary says.

Cindy adds that the long-running institution embodies the spirit of Calgary. “With all the other opportunities in Calgary, they recognized RESOLVE as something they want to be involved in.”

Both Cindy and Gary acknowledge the urgency of the affordable and supported housing situation in Calgary.

“There’s a huge economic benefit with RESOLVE because providing a homeless person with a supported home saves taxpayers $34,000 per person per year,” Cindy says. “With the economy the way it is right now, we could be benefitting from using these tax dollars elsewhere.”

Gary adds that there’s still a high level of demand. “If one person moves, there are another three waiting. There are thousands of people very close to the edge of homelessness.”

RESOLVE Cabinet:

Honorary Patrons:
Dick & Lois Haskayne
Betty Ann Smith
Steve Snyder

Alan Norris, Chair
Randy Findlay, Vice-Chair
Craig Hill, Vice-Chair
Cindy Rutherford, Vice-Chair
Robert Bedin
John Brussa
Gabriel Chen
Steve Clark
Peter Cleyn
Trevor Daroux
Al Duerr
Bill Dyck
Rob Easson
Stephanie Felesky
Karin Finley
Jim Gray
Kevin Gregor
Bob Hamilton
Tim Hearn
Simone Hughes
Sandi Kaye
Sam Kolias
Ann McCaig
Grit McCreath
David McElhanney
Roger McMechan
Gary McNamara
Karen Pirie
Simon Rainsbury
Ruth Ramsden-Wood
Bill Sembo
Jay Westman