From the brink of homelessness to a home of his own – David’s story

David was born in Calgary on Christmas Day 69 years ago. He says that if his family history tells him anything, he has a solid 30 years of living left to do and he’d be happy to spend every moment of it at home in his Edwards Place apartment.

However, a number of years ago things weren’t as happy for David, who had fallen on hard times. He was facing sleeping on the street and reports that he was lucky to be connected with Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta (TPFA) and Peter Coyle Place. While at Peter Coyle Place, he says he got things turned around and before long, he was feeling better and was ready to get back to living in his own apartment.

During his time at Peter Coyle Place, he’d met many staff who made a real difference for him, but one staff member named Ivett stood out as the most special.

David recalls, “Ivett was transferred to a new job as building manager at Edwards Place in East Village. We always got along great and when Ivett found out I was looking for a place, she made sure that I knew there was a suite for me at Edwards Place!”

“Ivett is a terrific person, very helpful,” says David. “All the people here are good people and TPFA is one heck of a good outfit doing a heck of a good job.”

When he first arrived at his new apartment he didn’t have many belongings but that didn’t last too long. David tells the story of the caretaker, Lorrie, knocking on his door that first night to deliver a cot for him. And another instance after he started having trouble with his feet, Lorrie knocked again and offered him the use a walker she had available.

“I couldn’t ask for anything more,” states David. “When I wasn’t feeling well, there were good people who would check in (Mary Ann the social worker, the Independent Living Skills Workers, Lorrie the caretaker and ‘Dr. Sue’ from The Alex), but now I’m taking care of my own place and feeling very happy.”

Now I’m taking care of my own place and feeling very happy.