Community foundation gives stamp of approval with $4 million

From our 2015-2016 Report to Community.

When almost half of Albertans say they would be in financial trouble if their paycheque was delayed just one week, there is something wrong in our community.

This is what Calgary Foundation found in their most recent Vital Signs report. As a key supporter of our community for 60 years, they responded by granting RESOLVE a total of $4 million. Compelled by the need, an anonymous donor at the Calgary Foundation was inspired to equally match their $2 million gift — effectively paying off the remainder of two RESOLVE project mortgages, The Mustard Seed’s Beltline Apartment and Calgary Homeless Foundation’s Acadia Place.

“We’re very aware of the challenges in Calgary right now,” says Kerry Longpré, Vice President of Communications at Calgary Foundation. “It’s important for us to look at ways we can support the community in these tough times.”

Calgary Foundation was drawn to RESOLVE because of its unique collaborative and inclusive model which is why they chose to give an undesignated gift. “Organizations can learn so much from each other and the work they do,” Kerry says. “Each Partner in the Campaign has a slightly different role in the community. It’s quite illuminating to learn about each of them and how they’ve come together.”

The Foundation recognizes that having a home is a fundamental need for everyone. “Having a place to call your own is really the key,” Kerry says.