A message from RESOLVE’s Chair and Executive Director

Alan Norris, Chairman and CEO of Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. and Chair of RESOLVE, and Cheryl Hamelin, Executive Director of RESOLVE

From our 2016-2017 Report to Community.

A home is a critical part of our identity and wellbeing – it is our safety net, our comfort zone, our healing place. A home provides us with a sense of pride, purpose, and dignity. Over 3,000 Calgarians live each day without a place to call home – many are scared, cold, hungry, have physical and mental health concerns, and are plagued by crushing anxiety and hopelessness.

Alberta’s difficult economic climate has further magnified the needs of these homeless children, youth, adults and seniors. Sadly, Calgary accounts for over 60 per cent of the province’s homeless population, yet we lack an adequate supply of affordable rental housing with supports. Even Calgary’s recent lower market rents are unaffordable for our most vulnerable. As a donor to the RESOLVE Campaign, we thank you for making a tangible difference in the lives of our fellow citizens by helping to build this necessary housing.

The RESOLVE Campaign has already raised enough to open four buildings, retire two mortgages, purchase one building, and start construction on three buildings. We also have 10 projects at shovel-ready stage with funding, and three projects ready to break ground but in need of additional funding. It is because of you, the people and companies featured in this report, that we have been able to restore safety, dignity and hope for so many. You are building a legacy for our city that will endure for decades to come.

We have entered the final year of this important Campaign and, although we have made much progress, there are still people who need a roof over their head – a place where they can begin to heal, regain their dignity, and reintegrate into community. Funds must be pledged by March 31, 2018 but can be paid out any time before March 31, 2021. We can’t miss the opportunity to make an enduring social and economic impact on our city just because time runs out. The business case is strong — providing affordable, supported housing to the homeless and vulnerable results in significant savings to tax-payer funded services like EMS, police, hospital and the justice system.

We extend our sincere thanks to all members of RESOLVE’s Calgarians Committed to Change Cabinet and to all the volunteers and supporters who have helped to ensure the Campaign’s success. Thank you for providing the “hand up” that affordable and supported housing offers. Thank you for giving our most vulnerable citizens their safe place, their road to recovery, their sense of purpose, their dignity … their home.