10 milestones RESOLVE is grateful for in 2017

1. Construction started on Horizon Housing Society‘s building for people with mental health challenges, limited mobility, low-income families and seniors, the working poor and others with a variety of needs.
When this building is complete in late 2018, over 200 people will have a safe, affordable and supported place to call home in a vibrant community with people from all walks of life.

2. Silvera for Seniors completed the roadwork for their project.
Now they are one step closer to getting the shovel in the ground and putting roofs over the heads of 120+ seniors with low income.

3. The development permit was approved for a building for seniors with low income.
Did you know that 400-600 seniors in Alberta, who don’t need to remain in hospital, are stuck there because of the lack of affordable and supportive housing? Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta‘s development will alleviate strain on the healthcare system and provide much-needed homes for 100-120 vulnerable seniors.

4. Vulnerable women began moving into Calgary Alpha House Society‘s new building.
A new building was purchased for 24 women experiencing homelessness and addiction. For the remainder of the Campaign, RESOLVE will be fundraising to pay off the mortgage on this building.

5. The Government of Alberta leased land for Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association‘s building for seniors, adults and small families.
A pre-development permit has also been submitted for this development that will offer 108 units of housing for some of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens in diverse and inclusive community.

6. The building permit was approved for Calgary John Howard Society‘s development that will provide homes to marginalized men.
Construction began in December 2017 on a building that provides housing and 24/7 on-site case management and programming for 32 men leaving the justice system who require support transitioning back into the community.

7. Two new Calgary Homeless Foundation buildings opened.
People experiencing homelessness began moving into one of the buildings in the summer. The second building, which was completed this month, will be ready for move-ins in January.

8. The Mustard Seed was able to lower rents at the 1010 Centre.
Thanks to generous donors, the Mustard Seed was able to pay down the mortgage on the 1010 Centre, allowing them to decrease the rent for tenants.

9. Accessible Housing is putting the finishing touches on Inclusio.
This new home for 45 people with limited mobility is set to open in early 2018.

10. Our donors!
None of the above milestones could have been accomplished without your generous support. Thank you and happy holidays to you all! View a full list of our donors here.